Celtic Jewellery

The Celts were famous for their artistry. Even today the distinctive Celtic knotwork, which in many parts of Britain and Ireland is reflective of the past and present culture, is still in demand.

The Celtic knotwork design was used to decorate many of their artefacts and to them the intricate pattern woven by spirals and knotwork symbolised the Continuity of life.

The Celtic Cross is typical of the many seen around the country today. These Crosses were carved in stone and are still intact after 1000's of years.

Celtic Jewellery contains many of the symbols used constantly by the Celts and includes Birds, Dragons, Horses, Serpents, Swords, Pentagrams and Trisceles and of course the infamous Tintagel Maze, which can be found carved in rock at Rocky Valley, a half mile from Tintagel.

Date Submitted: 06-Dec-2005