Celtic Designs

Celtic Design contains many different symbols that were constantly used by the Celts including Birds, Crosses, Dragons, Horses, Knotwork, Serpents, Swords, Pentagrams and Trisceles and of course the infamous Tintagel Maze (or Labyrinth).

Many of the designs have specific symbolic meanings relating to them, for example, Dragons symbolise guardians of secret knowledge, Doves - peace & love, Horses - sovereignty, Serpents - the image of light, life and divine wisdom, Pentagrams - light to the Druids, the Triscele is thought to have symbolised the past, the present and the future of Celtic Love, the Sword the symbol of great power and Celtic Knotwork symbolised the Continuity of Life.

Used by the Celts hundreds of years BC, the symbols are still used in many design works of today and still remain as popular as ever.

Date Submitted: 06-Dec-2005